Don’t know where to start? You’re not the only one.

As toddlers, we learn so many things by ourselves. We fall, we get up, sometimes we cry, other times we giggle, but we’re persistent at succeeding. We have our parents, grandparents and other supporters cheering us on, but at the end, the journey and the success are ours.

We do it on our own.

“This is how WE do it”

As we get older and go through formal or informal education, someone teaches us how to do things. There are rules and ways of doing things, and if you don’t follow, you will fail.

Have you ever felt that as a kid everyone tells you what to do and you can’t wait to be an adult to make your own decisions? But when you are an adult hit with all the challenges and choices all you want is someone to tell you what to do.

That’s the way the world operates. We all want someone to tell us our future or which path to take, but that’s not the reality. The simple truth is that we’re the ones in charge of what happens to us, we choose our own path.

“This is how I do it”

We forget what it feels like to do things our way.

It’s not about “your way or highway,” it’s you trying your best to find what works best for you.

People share their blueprints and stories about how they’ve achieved their success, which doesn’t guarantee yours. You might take pieces of advice and at the end create something personalized and unique to you.

Nothing feels better than doing it your way.

It’s easy to have someone tell you what to do or follow someone else’s footsteps. If they’ve succeeded, why wouldn’t you? What if it doesn’t work out, whose fault is it, yours or theirs?

Whatever you’re trying to do, there is no blueprint for it, not yet, until you make it.

In order to succeed, you need to accept the complexity of the process and that there are no easy answers. There will be a lot of pain, failing and getting up, and figuring it out on your own.

But you’re not alone in this process. While we all have unique journeys, we are all going through similar emotions, ups and downs. When we get stuck we need support, someone to cheer us on, to help us get through the hurdles and be there for us through it all.

We succeed by tailoring our experience by getting inspired by others, mentoring, collaborating, trying different things, and working on independent projects.

Take a look at the different learning categories we have at Knewaira that in combination can help you reach your goal:

In the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we no longer have to follow the rules. We can create our own rules and support others in making their own.

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Creator of @dishmeetup. Creative techie in love w/ multimedia storytelling, design thinking & the healing power of homecooked food.

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Lily Ciric Hoffmann

Creator of @dishmeetup. Creative techie in love w/ multimedia storytelling, design thinking & the healing power of homecooked food.