Little things make big things happen

Goal: Lose 10 pounds in a month.

You set up a plan about the wholesome, whole grain, veggie-rich food that you’re going to eat, and when are you going to exercise and for how long.

Week one, all is well, week two things start to slip up. You feel guilty for not sticking up to the plan, but you do your best to get to the finish line.

Result: Lost 1–2 pounds in a month.

Is this a success or a failure? In our binary yes-or-no world, this is a failure.

But let’s look at it more carefully.

Have you increased your veggie intake? Yes.

Have you exercised more than usual? Yes.

Do you feel better, more energized? Yes.

If all those answers are yes, and you did your best, then this is a success.

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” ~ John Wooden

More often than not, we focus on that end goal, which is usually too big, unrealistic or poorly defined. What we overlook are those small steps, small goals, that we’re achieving along the way.

Goals are essential, and we all have them, but by paying attention to the details, we get to that end goal more easily. As long as we keep moving, it’s all about the progress we’re making one step at a time.

Listen to the TED talk “The difference between winning and succeeding” by John Wooden:

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