How do you advance professionally and personally?

My co-founder and I are doing user research on learning new skills and what drives you to stay on top of your game. Our goal is to better understand learning needs, pain points, and motivations when it comes to advancing professionally and personally.

The end results will help us make the Knewaira platform more valuable and helpful for you as a lifelong learner. Your responses and email are strictly confidential and will be kept private.

If you have 2 minutes, we have a 13 questions survey ready for your input below.

We will follow up with those interested in sharing their experience in 24 hours to set up a time for a brief interview. Please feel free to share this Learning Survey with others who are either looking for a job or transitioning into a new field.

Thank you!

My name is Lily and I am the co-founder of Knewaira (“new era”). We’re two sisters, two co-founders, and two lifelong learners looking to advance the field of learning, shifting and adapting to new technologies more effectively. Our mission is to “organize personal learning in one place in the cloud”. Knewaira is an interactive, adaptive and personalized platform that helps users learn new skills and steer their career.

Creator of @dishmeetup. Creative techie in love w/ multimedia storytelling, design thinking & the healing power of homecooked food.

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