• Kelly McGilvery

    Kelly McGilvery

    culture hustler. toledo booster. community builder.

  • Andie A. de G.

    Andie A. de G.

    Comunicación + Ciudad + cultura — Research on: gentrification

  • Mike Branom

    Mike Branom

    Writer for hire who took up space in school. (I should rephrase that...) Emily's husband. Brooke's dad. Everybody's gotta be somebody.

  • Tomas Tvarijonas

    Tomas Tvarijonas

    Source of the interesting side of humanity, culture, wit and a terrible example of how not to raise expectations.

  • Rob Wultsch

    Rob Wultsch

  • David Ryan Polgar

    David Ryan Polgar

    Tech Ethicist | Founder of All Tech Is Human | member of TikTok’s Content Advisory Council

  • Ryan Gladstone

    Ryan Gladstone

    Front-end web developer at @WashingtonPost. Mizzou photojournalism grad.

  • Alexander Verbeek

    Alexander Verbeek

    Editor of The Planet | Public Speaker | Photographer | Yale World Fellow | TEDx | Climate Change | Wildlife | Art | Energy-Water-Food | Sustainability

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